Clara Poole and the Long Way Round

Two years... that's how long Clara and her father have been on their own. It's also how long ago the lightning turned her hair white and Clara's mother died trying to save her on the windmill.


Since then, Clara has sworn to keep her head down and her feet firmly on the ground. But when she accidentally launches herself in a homemade balloon at her school fair, her solitary life is shattered, bringing unwanted fame, and a mysterious man from Paris with an invitation to join an obscure (and deadly) round-the-world-race.


Her father forbids her to go, but Clara defies him, running away to Paris after learning his plan to sell their old farm—her mother's most beloved possession. Clara has no idea what she's agreed to until coaxed into signing an unbreakable contract and thrown into a world so bizarre and unpredictable that she'll need to go to greater and darker heights to get back home.


Along the way, she'll meet an irreverent cast of aeronauts, a six-year-old daredevil in a panda hat, and a washed-up old champion whose copilots are monkeys. Together they will teach Clara the importance of family, strength in one's self, and the value of forgiveness.

The Land of Ends

Edmund Eaton’s no-good father left when he was six, leaving their family in ruins, and Edmund to care for his little sister, Gert. As his mother falls to pieces, Edmund writes magical stories to help shield his sister from their unhappy life. However, when the last pages of his journals start disappearing, Edmund finds himself pulled into a dark place called The Ends, where the imagined is very much real, and only one rule exists: no one speaks about their real life. Will Edmund find his way back to the little sister who needs him, or will he become trapped in a prison of his own imagination?



Most kids are a bit weird. Twelve-year-old Sprout Sprowder is in a class all her own. However, it isn't because her florist mother gave her an annoying acronym for a name: Scarlet Posey Rose Oleander Ursinia Thistle. It's what lies beneath her page boy hat that makes her different. Or, better said, abnormal. But when Sprout discovers a mysterious headline from an old newspaper, she begins to uncover the hidden secret of who she really is. With the help of an unlikely friend whose own unseen issues are every bit as challenging, Sprout will prove she's not as unusual as she thinks and maybe even save her small town in the process.

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