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COVER REVEAL: Clara Poole and Wrong Way Up

I'm beyond excited to share the cover for the second book in my the Clara Poole Series, Clara Poole and Wrong Way Up, (Publishing July 2024, Pixel+Ink). This is another gorgeous cover done by Matt Rockefeller. Those who read middle grade fiction have, no doubt, many of his covers on your shelves: The Midnight Children, The Miraculous, and The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, among a few (and hopefully soon this one).

Here are Matt's thoughts on approaching this cover:

"For the art, I wanted to convey the epic sense of adventure that pulses through the book, but also a bit of the danger and peril involved in piloting one of these strange balloons. I love to include environmental details that allude to other aspects of the story as well, and in this instance the lightning streaking across the sky was the perfect way to hint at one of Clara’s foundational experiences." - Matt Rockefeller

And here it is...


Pre-order the Clara Poole and the Wrong Way Up at your favorite book bestseller now!

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