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Creating the Look of WOOBA

I spent some time over the weekend exploring WOOBA's visual identity. What's WOOBA, you ask? WOOBA stands for the World Organization of Balloon Aeronauts. Headquartered in Paris, it is the group responsible for the around-the-world air race that Clara is invited to participate in, after her unlikely flight across Michigan in a homemade balloon.

The official seal of WOOBA, the World Organization of Balloon Aeronauts

In the story, WOOBA is celebrating its 100th year as an organization. As such, I wanted to create a logo that felt like it had evolved over that period to time. It needed to look official like an institution or government office, yet still feel modern and aspirational. In addition, I wanted the design to have a European quality.

The official seal of WOOBA, the World Organization of Balloon Aeronauts

The symbol of dove has inexhaustible meanings that span Paganism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam — representative of wisdom, peace, purity, love, hope, devotion, promise, freedom, and more. For me, its symbolism as a messenger is probably most significant, heralding Clara's journey of re-awakening to a world she has intentionally shut out.

Manual for Rules, Regulations, & Etiquette for Aeronauts

WOOBA Monthly Journal

A pilot's supply-box from the race's early days with a depiction of the WOOBA dove


Taylor Tyng is a children's book author focusing on middle grade fiction. Taylor is repped by Erin Clyburn of The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency in New York City.


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