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To the Would-be Benefactors of Dreams

Find someone to believe in. Find someone to champion. Find someone that might not know how good or deserving or talented they are. Someone who not only needs a lift, but is genuinely worthy of a platform. Know that your small bit of support moves oceans.

Uncertainty is a monster. It keeps us from trying, from feeling our merits, from allowing our ideas the scarcest oxygen. There is far too much focus on greatness, the rush to success; far too many over-revolutions on perfection and performance; far too many things that sap our attention which aren’t human-first.

Dreams are vulnerable. Be brave enough to be embarrassed by their irrationality. Be reckless in your voice to give them breath. You don’t have to dream big, but you should dream. And, while you’re at it, share those outlandish, bastardly malformed and imperfect thoughts with others. They are infectious and behavior-changing and evocative.

Find someone to believe in. They will also find you.


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